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Because we’re the only healthy, crunchy pumpkin seed snack that comes in 3 great flavors! RockIt Snacks combines a pumpkin seed kernel center with an outer roasted crunchy shell that delivers an unconventional and addictive crunch.
Our keto and paleo friendly snacks are the perfect on the go snack that give you the energy to fuel your day, adventure or work out thanks to its high vegan protein.


  • Why our pumpkin seeds are the hero and at the center?

    Pumpkin seeds are a complete, plant-based protein containing all 9 of the essential amino acids which serve as the building blocks of protein and are vital for muscle regeneration and the development of lean body tissue. What’s more, pumpkin seeds contain at least 50% more plant protein compared to traditional nuts and seeds.

    Pumpkin seeds provide many nutritional benefits including a good source of healthy fats, dietary fiber, iron and antioxidants as well a wide variety of other vitamins, minerals and nutrients. So, the mighty pumpkin seed deserves to be recognized!

    Visit our FAQ page to be amazed with more pumpkin seed nutrition facts.

  • What makes RockIt crunch!?!

    To create the unique crunchiness of RockIt Snacks outer shell and distinctive flavors, we combine different plant-based ingredients that will leave you feeling alive and energized.

  • Pumpkin seed protein

    We make our pumpkin seed flour through a cold milling process that allows 100% of the nutrition goodness in the seeds to remain intact.

  • Potato

    Small amounts of potato help create the perfect crunch

  • Cassava

    A paleo-friendly root vegetable forms the RockIt outer shell

  • Coconut

    Adds a nutritional and supplementary boost to our snacks

  • Chicory root

    High in fiber and contains a natural sweetness contributing to RockIt’s phenomenal flavors

  • Avocado oil

    Applied to seeds to roast the perfect crunch, boosting flavor 

  • Gum Arabic

    A natural prebiotic that contributes to the crunchy outer shell

At RockIt Snacks our pumpkin seeds are sourced and grown on small family farms in the USA.